We are delighted that our Trust name has been changed (from South Newcastle Trust) to UNITED ENDEAVOUR TRUST.

We wanted our Trust name to have a broader appeal and not to be a name which tied us to a very small geographical position. We recognise that our current academy membership is from South Newcastle and that we are all very proud of being part of that community. However, as we have started to reach out and work with other schools and partners in industry and business we recognise that we are working further afield.

In Spring and Summer last year working groups of students started to discuss what would be a better name for the Trust and put some considerable effort into researching and suggesting some alternatives. A ‘public vote’ via our academy websites then provided a response on a preferred name. We feel that our new name really reflects the fact that we want to ‘unite’ with other learners and sectors of our community and that we all want to put some concentrated effort and real ‘endeavour’ into the work that we do as a Multi Academy Trust.

We are looking forward to welcoming other academies to join our Trust and to developing other partnerships with other Trusts, schools and outside organisation in order to provide our students and their families with a broad set of opportunities and experiences.