Our Strategic Priorities

To provide a rounded education for all of our students

  • By ensuring our academies offer a well balanced curriculum with subjects which best match our students’ abilities and aspirations
  • By personalising programmes for our students which help them to enjoy and achieve
  • By supporting their learning development – teaching them how to learn
  • By focussing on improving outcomes in examinations
  • By giving our students access to and experience of further education and employability – raising their aspirations, expectations and future economic and social wellbeing
  • By helping our students to manage their health and safety, and develop positive approaches to wellbeing
  • By giving our students a voice in the development and activity of our academies through student working groups and a strategic body which reports to Governors.

To make our academies a part of the community they serve

  • By involving our academies in activities which contribute to the cohesion of the communities we serve
  • By ensuring our academies work together and with other academies and education providers
  • By involving our students as active citizens and volunteers within those communities and developing in them a sense of social responsibility

To provide good teaching and pastoral support through well qualified and motivated staff

  • By investing in accredited training for our staff, including continued learning at University to Masters level
  • By ensuring that we invest in staff well-being and allow staff to focus on their jobs by removing bureaucratic burden
  • By checking on staff morale and supporting recognition of their efforts
  • By providing well planned staff development which matches our development priorities