Continued Professional Development

We establish a clear vision for all our CPD and have a designed a personalised approach which develops all staff both teaching and support across our Trust. We will paint a picture of where the organisation will end up and the anticipated outcomes and your role in that. We make certain the picture is one of reality and not what people wish would occur.

Both people and organisations need to establish a strategic framework for significant success. This framework consists of:

  • A vision for your future
  • A mission that defines what you are doing
  • Values that shape your actions
  • Strategies that zero in on your key success approaches
  • Goals and action plans that guide your actions

Through a research and coaching model, we provide a personalised pathway which utilises both external and internal training methods. We work in partnership across the Trust to develop programmes of CPD for all staff that benefit not only those participants of the programme but also those delivering the programme. Key aspects of our CPD strategy include:

  • An E-Portfolio of all CPD/Appraisal/Reflection Logs
  • Priority of Digital Transformation training
  • Outstanding and Improving Teacher/Support Programmes
  • Leadership Development and Aspirational Programmes
  • Central Collaborative Trust facilities.

INSET Days across the Trust are personalised for each academy and concentrate on the development of academy priorities, we do hold an annual Trust INSET day when all the academies come together to share good practice and focus on a central theme for development as a united team.

Development of all activity relating to CPD is conducted via Working Groups made up of both teaching and support staff to ensure that we provide a programme that matches the needs of individuals within our organisation.

Leadership Support

Growing and developing strong leaders is central to our activity and a key strand in securing improvement within our Trust. Succession planning is based upon ‘growing our own’ as strongly as recruiting in new leaders. Whether you are already a leader within our Trust or are part of a school converting to join or part of umbrella arrangements with our Trust we want to provide a strategic development pathway for all leaders.

As part of our programme for leaders we provide a leadership mentor to support your journey at whatever stage in your leadership career you are at. Our programme is aimed at both those aspiring to and those currently in leadership posts.

Our programme covers aspects such as:

  1. Modelling the behaviour as a leader you want to see from others.
  2. How to build a successful team and working collaboratively.
  3. Action Planning and Quality Assurance
  4. HR, Finance and Estate Management
  5. Curriculum and Pastoral Leadership
  6. Holding strategic conversations and setting clear direction.
  7. Leadership Review through QA Model.

All of our programmes provide support and opportunity to be able to apply and access externally delivered NPQ programmes.