Core Service Offer

At the United Endeavour Trust, we understand that every school is different, meaning the specific needs of each school will vary. We realise and appreciate this diversity, which is why we do not adhere to a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. We offer a wide range of professional services tailored to the school’s individual needs, giving them the support and advice they require to ensure they make continuous and measurable progress.

At the United Endeavour Trust, creating the most beneficial results for your children is at the forefront of our minds, everything we do is for our students.

  • Full finance service – delivered by finance team located at Trust office
  • Team managed by the Head of Service – Finance and Trust Director, working with the Principal and academy leadership team – setting annual budgets and 3-5 year budget modelling
  • Salary modelling and financial projections
  • Payroll reconciliation and quality assurance analysis on a monthly basis
  • Trust Director and Academy Principal meetings frequently held
  • Monthly accounts prepared
  • Completion of ESFA returns
  • Filing of Academy/Trust financial statements with ESFA and Companies House
  • VAT preparation and compliance
  • Finance induction and mentoring for budget holders and senior leaders where required
  • Maintenance and upkeep of Fixed Asset Register
  • Cash flow operation and management

Additional Finance service provided:

  • School Fund audits undertaken
  • Umbrella support arrangements including items outlined in the Core Service Offer provided

Our central HR team provides our academies with specialist advice and guidance on a wide range of core HR services.

We can support our academies with:

  • Recruitment Service
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Absence Management
  • Employment legislation
  • Performance management administration
  • Policy implementation
  • Staff Welfare

At UET we recognise that the ability to track student progress at all stages within education is an essential element of our core service. We give our schools access to the key progress data through producing high-level dashboards, which enable monitoring of key measures following data collections. Furthermore, we offer the production of dashboards by year group at SLT, Subject and Class level.

We also offer assistance with setting-up MIS and Data Analysis systems. We provide assistance with aspirational target-setting, against which pupils can be tracked at an individual and a group level.

In addition to the provision of performance data, we offer analysis of Pastoral data through the monitoring of attendance and behaviour, both of which play a crucial role in students’ learning.

The United Endeavour Trust provides specialist support and guidance to ensure that the academy environment, for both your students and staff, is of the highest quality and safety standard. We offer a broad spectrum of services and together, we will establish the ideal solution for your individual needs.

This can involve anything from:

  • Healthy and Safety
  • Catering and cleaning
  • Premises and building management
  • Property and assets management
  • Marketing and communications

We will also take an assessment of your school’s current costs of existing services, and identify where these can be reduced. We achieve this by focussing on two main areas:

Finance – we aim to identify cost savings, benchmarking your current service against cost and seeking the best value comparisons, allowing you to redirect savings to student focussed projects and activities

Economics – working alongside your estates team, we aim to reduce energy consumption and operate your estate at optimum efficiency

The above will be achieved by working together in completing:

  • Quality assurance of current and historical records and audits to achieve best practice
  • Ongoing monitoring of all contracts including KPI reviews
  • Best value financial and resource principals followed.

We focus on the key elements of business costs and through consolidated working across our academies, we can provide access to increased contract economies of scale.

Building Management Services, working with your onsite estates team sharing good practice with other post holders in the MAT, estates and ground maintenance, event and facility management

Water and Sewerage:
Metering, efficiency auditing, leak detection, rainwater harvesting, non-return to sewer

Business Consumables:
Group printing solutions, purchasing, furniture, materials, porterage

Environmental and Waste Management:
General, hygienic, hazardous and clinic waste

Contract Management:
Contracted catering and cleaning, community usage contracts

The Trust IT service provides high quality management support towards the development and maintenance of IT services within its schools.  We endeavour to tailor fit services for each school should budgets not allow a one size fits all approach.

Centralised services at the trust also offer schools the ability to lower the cost of delivering core service technologies as well as the trusts move to embrace cloud technologies, such as Office 365.

We support academies to adhere to the legal requirements for compliance, as well as sustainable results through economies of scale.

  • Financially – umbrella agreements with companies such as; Microsoft, Capita and more offer schools VfM and lower pricing.
  • Audit – regular audits on site and off site through our managed service providers and in-house teams ensure EFA compliance as well as reduction of waste and refresh cycles are met accordingly; ensuring classrooms and teacher machinery are fit for purpose.

To achieve this we undertake the following:

  • Assess current services cost and VfM, working with Cresent Purchasing Consortium and other Crown approved tendering agreements.
  • Ongoing monthly, termly and yearly monitoring to ensure the service is well maintained.

IT services currently cater for a number of other service sectors previously seen as non-IT such as:

  • Communications:
    VOIP Gamma lines, Data connectivity, Tele and video conferencing, CCTV network infrastructure, Marketing digital signage systems.
  • Business Consumables:
    Printing and toners, photocopier contracts and printer management software to reduce waste and report costs.
  • Identity access systems

MiFare card access to gates and building management systems, biometric cashless catering and single sign on through Azure AD for all other web based services.